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Security Integration

Our system can pinpoint specific areas where problems are occurring. Whether it be an intrusion of a window or door, a smoke alarm, or an environmental control signal our system can find the exact spots that are in need of attention and will quickly and efficiently communicate the information to your central monitoring station. The Control Panel gives you clear, concise information about your security status.

Our Security Control Master Panel allows for maximum flexibility to meet any circumstance. From one central point, you can arm and disarm selected zones throughout your home and living spaces without disabling your overall security. The Master Control Panel gives you intelligible and accurate information about the security of your property.

Checking all the locks in a large estate home can be tedious and inconvenient; however our system can save you the trouble. Total Home Technology's automated security system is so sensitive it can even sense the individual locks on all doors and windows. You can simply check on your Control Panel before leaving the house or retiring for the night to see which doors and windows are locked or unlocked.

When building a new home, security systems are sometimes treated as a minor detail to be obtained at the local market price. However the quality of your security system can have an immense impact on the safety of the most cherished things in your life: your family. At Total Home Technology we offer premium security because we design our home systems with the knowledge that we are protecting the lives of you and your loved ones, as well as your property.