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Discrete Ceiling Speakers

Whole House Audio

With whole house or distributed audio in your house, you can listen to different music in different rooms at the same time.  That music collection that has been collecting dust or has been sitting on your hard drive can now be instantaneously accessed where ever you may be in your house.

Have a vacation house?  The music playlists, etc. can be shared between the two locations.

Having a party?  Play the same song throughout the house if you want.  Then go over to the touch pad and see the cover art, artist, album, and song title.

You audio system can also consist of AM/FM radio, HD radio, XM or Sirius, as well as internet radio stations.  All this means is that there is no more lugging around radios, CD players or iPods.  You can play all of those devices wherever you are in your system.

We also have a music fulfillment service so if you want the best albums, the latest songs, etc. but simply don't have the time to buy them, we will do that for you.