A Contractor is NOT a Home Theater Designer

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20th, 2009 by tht

I have been to a few houses in the past weeks, and have seen some glaringly obvious wiring issues, which leads to the homeowner not being able to do electronically what they want in the house.

At one client, simple items as having six wires for seven speakers was observed.

At another, improper placement of wires will cause additional labor, patching, and painting to be done.

At yet at another, improper or no power outlets at certain locations will cause the electricians to come back in and run wires for new outlets.

My point is, if you are renovating, or building a new house, it is critical that you should hire and retain a custom electronic design and installation professional.  A company such as Total Home Technology can work with you on an overall electronic design plan for the house, recommend solutions, supply and install equipment, train, and provide ongoing support.

The biggest issue we have with contractors and architects are that they say their client isn;t “asking” for our services.  My arguement is that you are providing them with a plumbing plan, and HVAC plan, electrical, etc.  then why not offer or recommend someone that can offer them an ELECTRONICS PLAN.