Pioneer to Leave Flat Panel Market

Posted in General on February 15th, 2009 by tht

We all remember seeing those Pioneer Elite TVs and flat panels.  Long considered one of the better sets traditional consumer shopping could get,  (Of course Custom Installers and Designers such as THT can get these and greater quality level sets.) announced that it will be concentrating on its car market and leaving the flat panel market.

Is this a sign that flat panel prices margins have leveled and are decreasing?  The realization that newer technologies will replace plasma technologies within the next few years?

Probably a combination of these and more.

Walking through a store the other day, I saw tens of plasmas and LCDs.  All varying in price, size, options, etc.

How can anyone make an informed decision, some differences are obvious, you will pay more for a larger set vs. a smaller one.  However, when faced with two plasmas, the same size, but different manufacturers, and varying price points (sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars apart) how is one to know what to do.

It kind of like when you go car shopping, if you go to a Toyota dealership, you wouldn’t expect to see Mercedes there.  So if you go to a Best Buy, you will probably see Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus all lined up.  How can you choose?  If you had some Lexus, Mercedes, or Cadillacs mixed in there, those models probably wouldn’t move simply because people are being compared mostly on a price value, which they will always lose.

So who can blame Pioneer?  Not me.